Brands & Concepts

Chipi brand was created in 2002 with the collaboration of one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of kids garments and accessories.

Today, Chipi’s name has become one of the best in Kids Fashion for the Middle East market due to its trendy style, competitive prices and high quality.

Brand Philosophy: Return to Childhood.


Kids Way and Kids Way New Born concepts are gathering under one umbrella a wide selection of international kids fashion and accessories brands with a personalized touch appealing to Middle Eastern and International clientele at the same time.

Brand mix: Chicco, Micuna, Cambrass…


Nooran Sheila and Abaya is the result of an eternal research for innovation and excellence in the world of luxury traditional outfits for Arab ladies.

For over 20 years of success, Nooran has gained the trust and loyalty of the close circle of high scaled society in the Middle East.