Chipi collection is offering high quality of children clothing and accessories dedicated to boys and girls from 0 to 16 years old.

Throughout the years, we focused on keeping our collections up-to-date in order to go with the fashion trends (elegant cuts, stylish details…). Our focal point is to create the style “Simple and Smart” to give our customers a comfort feeling by using a soft, qualitative and environmentally friendly selection of fabrics.    

The price point of our collections put Chipi in the category of affordable brands targeting a large consumer base in different levels.   


Kids Way professional and talented buying team works closely with production departments at many different international kids fashion and accessories brands such as Olimpia, M-Force, Kidy Kidy… in order to create one collection tailored to satisfy the market needs. 

After selecting the best collections from each brand, our buying team recommend certain changes in terms of styles, prints and colors in order to get a final collection well structured and combined together to fit in the spirit of Kids Way concept (Modern and trendy).  

Target Market: Boys and Girls from 0 to 16 years old.