In support of environmental friendliness, Kids Way Group ensures that it sources its goods from suppliers who conform to high standards of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Kids Way undertakes maximum scrutiny on the quality of fabrics used to manufacture the children’s clothes. There is a high standard expected from all suppliers due to the sensitive nature of children vis-à-vis their clothing. In its new products Kids Way Group is exploring and implementing sustainable textile materials and products through sustainable design approach.

For the purpose of environmental conservation, Kids Way has taken the step to use the most effective supply chain management methods. With competent employees, trained on the efficient use of company resources, minimum waste is created. Sustainable processes including proper inventory management used by Kids Way Group have helped reduce environmental degradation often involved with unnecessary transportation.


In solidarity with the environmental obligations in today’s corporate world, Kids Way Group offers to its customers re-usable environmentally friendly carrying bags free with every purchase of Kids Way products.


Further research is being done by our able professionals on ways we could better serve our customers in a sustainable way. This highlights part of our future vision of being a leading company not just with respect to stake holders but also in social responsibilities.